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General Studies

We focus these sessions on keeping up with homework, understanding each topic in a timely manner, and building our students' comprehension and confidence as the school year progresses. These are perfect for a specific class or to keep on top of all classes.

Writing with Pen

Test Prep

These sessions focus on study techniques, test taking skills, and understanding the underlying material. We aim for our students to feel confident with both the topics being tested and the test taking experience.

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Studying at Home

Homeschooling Help

These sessions are geared towards the homeschool curriculum with extra feedback for the student on their work, support for the teaching parents, and a focus on staying on track and organized.

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Online Tutorial

Online Tutoring

Due to distance or health concerns, all sessions can be done online. We are able to share documents with our students, annotate directly on their online work, and share useful resources.

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Starting at $40 per hour.

Middle and Highschool

Starting at $50 per hour.

College Courses

Starting at $60 per hour.

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Meet Our Tutors

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Angelyn Convertino

Founder and Tutor

I am a private tutor in the Temple Texas area with 10 years of experience teaching and tutoring all ages pre-k through first year college students.

I have a special love of mathematics and physics which I studied at Southwestern University. I have formally taught elementary school Chinese, high school Integrated Physics/Chem (IPC), and high school Environmental Systems (ES.) I have tutored all standardized tests (SAT, SAT I and II, ACT, AP, STAAR,) general study/organization skills, ELA, mathematics, social sciences, and science.

I love to teach and am passionate about sharing my love learning. I want all my students to end up with an appreciation for learning, a respect for themselves, and an avid curiosity about the world around them.

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Tell us about yourself, the grade-level of your student(s), their needs, and which of our services you are interested in. We look forward to hearing from you and will contact you soon!

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